Important visitors at Klingel medical metal GmbH

Important visitors at Klingel medical metal GmbH in Pforzheim. Effects and handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, the current economic situation, increasing material and electricity prices, massive failure of delivery routes to and from Germany and the acute shortage of skilled labour.

These were the important topics during the visit of Gunther Krichbaum, member of the Bundestag for the CDU, to Klingel medical metal. "We were very happy about this visit because it is very important for us to maintain active communication and exchange, especially in the current times”, said Ralf Petrawitz. managing partner. In addition to interesting talks and exchange on pioneering issues, we also visited the already completed new building at Hanauer Straße in Pforzheim. Gunther Krichbaum and well-known visitors in political positions or from the region have already visited the company site in Altgefäll on the occasion of the ground-breaking ceremony. Krichbaum considers the new building “a clear commitment of Klingel medical metal GmbH to Pforzheim as a business location and the creation and preservation of jobs in the region.”