1. Principles in quality

  • Awareness: We produce highly complex products for sensitive applications. Together, with what we do, we secure our jobs, as the quality of our products and the satisfied customer “pay” our salary/wage.
  • Knowledge transfer/exchange: We pass on our knowledge about striving for quality to colleagues, employees and superiors.
  • Open mistake culture: We not only talk openly about mistakes/problems, but also solve them. We analyse the causes of mistakes. We learn something new every day, in order to become better every day.

2. Principles regarding how we work together

  • Mistakes are not weaknesses, but rather the chance to do it better.
  • We always keep the communication channels open and inform directly.
  • On behalf of the environment, we make careful use of our resources.
  • Respect, acknowledgement, trust and objective criticism form the basis of our conversation.
  • We tolerate no form of discrimination, harassment, threat and/or oppression.